Professional Services

Servercentralen offers two levels of professional services, each designed to help your business maximize its performance and productivity.Choose the level that is right for you and we’ll ensure your needs are fully taken care of.


Operations support

It’s essential to make sure that your systems are fully secure and operational – around the clock. We know that our clients cannot afford to make any compromise on this. That’s why we offer a fully comprehensive operations support service, designed to monitor your systems and ensure they continue to work at peak levels – 24/7.


Our Operations support service is developed with advanced monitoring tools, to provide in-depth control, management and monitoring of all performance activities. This service ensure that your system is continually assessed and addressed. Any configuration changes or patchlevel updates that may be needed are provided as required, without the need of continual input or assessment from you.


By choosing our wide-ranging and inclusive support, combined with speedy response times, you will ensure that your productivity will not be impacted by any threats or issues that your systems may face.


Implementation and design support

Whether you are considering introducing new technologies into your system or want to identify shortfalls in your infrastructure, no business wants to invest in risky IT solutions that may not work. Our Implementation and Design Support services will help your business to address the requirements that must be met, to come up with a solution that is uniquely tailored to your circumstances, and provide the results you need.

From proof-of-concept testing to support with design and practical implementation, our team will work with you to explore potential opportunities and design customised responses – targeted towards improving your efficiency and maximizing the value of your IT investments.


Our solution centers carry out full proof-of-concept testing services, including the prototyping of potential solutions, as well as running full tests and validation processes to assess their efficiency. Our proven approach will further your business by helping you to:


  • Assess any threats before you commit to a new investment. You’ll have the opportunity to examine the anticipated ROI and make an educated decision for your business.
  • Examine your existing infrastructure and identify areas that need improvement.
  • Understand the full impact of new technologies across the full infrastructure of your business through interactive workshops.
  • Develop and implement a unique and customised plan, built on your actual business needs and objectives.


All of our IT consulting services are backed by extensive real-world experience in customer implementation, and designed to help you grow and thrive.


Take control of your IT investments today and maximize returns – by shaping your systems into effective and efficient infrastructures that support your business goals.