Hosted Exchange and Sharepoint

Why should your organization consider migrating to hosted Exchange and Sharepoint? There are a number of important reasons to consider doing so that are focused on direct costs, opportunity costs, security and other benefits, as discussed below.


Many decision makers believe that an internally managed deployment is less expensive to deploy and operate than hosted services. While in some cases that perception is accurate, very often it is not. Osterman Research’s cost models have demonstrated that an on-premises, 100-seat Exchange deployment costs nearly $49 per seat per month over a three-year system lifetime, while a 1,000-seat deployment costs just over $21 per seat per month. Given that hosted Exchange offerings are priced substantially less than this, the direct cost savings from using hosted Exchange are substantial. It is also important to note that leading providers of hosted Exchange include the licensing costs as part of their service, further reducing the cost of hosted compared to on-premises Exchange.


Besides the cost running in our hosted environment everything is configured as it should. We make sure your users securely can reach the information with no need for VPN or anything. Installing the account in their cellphone is just about adding the email and the password.